sebastien benard

Software engineer and web developer

About Me

Angular - 60%

60% Complete

C# - 90%

90% Complete

Javascript - 85%

85% Complete

React - 75%

75% Complete

I am a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience in ASP.NET – MVC and web technologies. I worked in various size environnements, from small development teams to big IT departments.

Recently, I moved from France to Seoul and will stay until May 2017 for a working holiday visa.

Before that, I was working in Paris as a Software Engineer for an advertising company.

There I contributed to design analytics web dashboards, revealing trends on our social media campaigns in Europe and developed robots feeding millions of data inputs per day. Also, I worked for other companies such as Kantar Media, KPMG and Thales, taking part in the development of web applications, API design or databases optimization.

I could create rich user interfaces, implement Javascript frameworks such as React or Angular and design the database architecture around it, I am seasoned with the REST protocol and already consumed or developed web API.

I am looking for opportunities concerning C#, Javascript or Node.js technologies, part time of full time. Currently studying VR, I would gladly consider offers on this area too.

For any query, you can reach me at my mobile +82(0)10 - 5857 - 0586 or by email at


Sebastien Benard.